Co-hybridization results of fosmid clones with positive signals on mitotic metaphase chromosomes of P. yessoensis (A-I): Mapping of clone PF106B20 & 18S-28S rDNA (A), clone PF109F4 &18S-28S rDNA (B), clones PF123J11 & PF106B20 (C), clones PF118H7 & PF123J11 (D), clones PF126M18 & PF118H7 (E), clones PF123J11 & PF120E14 (F), clones PF123H24 & PF123J11 (G), clones PF123H24 & PF126M18 (H), clones PF126M18 & PF120E14 (I). The arrows and the open triangles indicate positive signals of different probes. Bars=10 ┬Ám.

  Part of: Yang Z, Li X, Liao H, Hu L, Zhang Z, Zhao B, Huang X, Bao Z (2016) Physical mapping of immune-related genes in Yesso scallop (Patinopecten yessoensis) using fluorescent in situ hybridization. Comparative Cytogenetics 10(4): 529-541.