Embryonic cells and chromosomes of species of the genus Antonina. a A. graminis, 2n = 16 b–c A. diversiglandulosa sp. n. b karyotype, 2n = 20 c cells of male embryo with heterochromatinization of paternal set of chromosomes [arrows]) d A. pretiosa, 2n = 24 e A. purpurea, 2n = 12 f–h A. thaiensis (f karyotype, 2n = 22 g karyotype with 2 B chromosomes [arrow] h B chromosomes in male embryo). Bar: 10 µm.

  Part of: Gavrilov-Zimin IA (2016) Cytogenetic and taxonomic studies of some legless mealybugs (Homoptera, Coccinea, Pseudococcidae). Comparative Cytogenetics 10(4): 587-601. https://doi.org/10.3897/CompCytogen.v10i4.10503