Maximum Likelihood (ML) trees with compressed subtrees based on (A) 615-bp COI fragment and (B) 387-bp 16S rRNA fragment. Length of branches is proportional to the genetic distances between haplotypes; bootstrap support (Felsenstein, 1985) is indicated next to the branching nodes and calculated with ML/Maximum Parsimony/Bayesian Inference methods from 1000 replicas (“*” - bootstrap support is equal to 100% or 1, “-- ” or not specified - bootstrap support is less than 50%).

  Part of: Simanovsky SA, Medvedev DA, Tefera F, Golubtsov AS (2023) Divergent karyotypes in five genera of the African endemic fish family Distichodontidae (Cithariniformes, Osteichthyes). Comparative Cytogenetics 17: 251-262.