The SC spreads of A. carolinensis (a, b) and D. coelestinus (c, d). a, c immunofluorescence and DAPI. Red: SYCP3, green: centromere and MLH1, blue: DAPI b, d DAPI channel separately. Arrowheads show the XY bivalent (Lisachov et al. in press). Arrow shows the DAPI+ band on the SC2 of D. coelestinus . Scales bars: 5 ┬Ám.

  Part of: Lisachov AP, Trifonov VA, Giovannotti M, Ferguson-Smith MA, Borodin PM (2017) Immunocytological analysis of meiotic recombination in two anole lizards (Squamata, Dactyloidae). Comparative Cytogenetics 11(1): 129-141.