Giemsa stained karyotypes of Ololygon and Scinax species. a O. hiemalis, male b S. caldarum, male c S. crospedospilus, male d S. similis, female, with heteromorphic chromosomes pairs 3 and 4. Secondary constrictions (arrowhead) are visible on chromosome 6 in a and on chromosomes 11 in c. Bar = 10 μm.

  Part of: Gruber SL, de Oliveira GIG, Silva APZ, Narimatsu H, Haddad CFB, Kasahara S (2017) Comparative analysis based on replication banding reveals the mechanism responsible for the difference in the karyotype constitution of treefrogs Ololygon and Scinax (Arboranae, Hylidae, Scinaxinae). Comparative Cytogenetics 11(2): 267-283.  

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