Neighbor-joining tree based on COI sequences. At each node, bootstrap values > 70% (NJ and ML) and posterior probabilities > 0.9 (BI) are shown. Stars indicate sequences obtained in this study; the remaining sequences are from Durand et al. (2012), Durand and Borsa (2015) and from Hett et al. (2011) (see Table 1). For each lineage, the karyotype (2n), the fundamental number (FN) and the chromosome formula are indicated. m: metacentric chromosomes; sm: submetacentric chromosomes; st/a: subtelocentric/acrocentric chromosomes.

  Part of: Nirchio M, Oliveira C, Siccha-Ramirez ZR, de Sene VF, Sola L, Milana V, Rossi AR (2017) The Mugil curema species complex (Pisces, Mugilidae): a new karyotype for the Pacific white mullet mitochondrial lineage. Comparative Cytogenetics 11(2): 225-237.