Karyotypes of Chaetodipterus faber (A), Lutjanus synagris (B), and Rypticus randalli (C) with 2n=48 acrocentric chromosomes after conventional Giemsa-staining (top), C-banding (center) and double FISH with 18S (green signals) and 5S (magenta signals) rDNA probes (bottom). In boxes, the pairs bearing nucleolus organizer regions after silver nitrate staining (Ag-NORs).

  Part of: Paim FG, Almeida LAH, Affonso PRAM, Sobrinho-Scudeler PE, Oliveira C, Diniz D (2017) Chromosomal stasis in distinct families of marine Percomorpharia from South Atlantic. Comparative Cytogenetics 11(2): 299-307. https://doi.org/10.3897/CompCytogen.v11i2.11942