Lateral view of the inner face of right valva (left panel) and distal process (right panel). The angle between the valval dorsum and the distal process (left panel), and the keel of the distal process (right panel), are indicated by arrows. a, b Melitaea persea persea (sample 25450_C06, Azerbaijan, Talysh) c, d M. acentria sp. n. (holotype, sample 17949_A06, Israel, Mt. Hermon) e, f M. didyma liliputana (sample 17698_E10 Israel, Mt. Hermon).

  Part of: Lukhtanov VA (2017) A new species of Melitaea from Israel, with notes on taxonomy, cytogenetics, phylogeography and interspecific hybridization in the Melitaea persea complex (Lepidoptera, Nymphalidae). Comparative Cytogenetics 11(2): 325-357.