Primate molecular phylogenetic relationships as modified after Perelman et al. (2011). The tree was reconstructed in MESQUITE in consideration of the diploid number (2n), the DAPI stained chromosome (blue) with the rDNA probe signals localization (red) and the inverted DAPI (grey) for each species. In each chromosome pair, only a single chromosome is shown. Homologies to human chromosomes are indicated on the right side of chromosomes and are inferred through the analysis of the references listed in the last column. Ancestral localization of rDNA loci is underlined in color: green for human synteny 22, pink for human synteny 3.

  Part of: Mazzoleni S, Rovatsos M, Schillaci O, Dumas F (2018) Are rDNA 18S-28S genes localized on homologous chromosomes in Primate genomes?: evolutionary insights. Comparative Cytogenetics 12(1): 27-40.