Karyograms of Aegilops kotschyi 2n=4x=28 chromosomes; UUSS) showing U- and S-genome chromosomes after two rounds of FISH with: a pTa-86 (green; Atto-488 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience), pTa-535 (red; Atto-550 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience), pTa-374 (25S rDNA; yellow; Atto-647 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience) and b pTa-713 (green; Atto-488 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience), pTa-k566 (red; Atto-550 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience) and pTa-465 (yellow; Atto-647 fluorochrome; Jena Bioscience) probes (Kwiatek, unpublished)

  Part of: Kwiatek MT, Kurasiak-Popowska D, Mikołajczyk S, Niemann J, Tomkowiak A, Weigt D, Nawracała J (2019) Cytological markers used for identification and transfer of Aegilops spp. chromatin carrying valuable genes into cultivated forms of Triticum. Comparative Cytogenetics 13(1): 41-59. https://doi.org/10.3897/CompCytogen.v13i1.30673