Mitotic chromosomes of Hydra magnipapillata after C- banding (A), Hydra oxycnida after routine staining (B), and Pelmatohydra oligactis after C- banding (C). C-bands are visible in the centromeric areas of the chromosomes. Karyograms of H. magnipapillata (D), H. oxycnida (E) and P. oligactis (F). Arrows indicate achromatic gaps.

  Part of: Anokhin BA, Kuznetsova VG (2018) FISH-based karyotyping of Pelmatohydra oligactis (Pallas, 1766), Hydra oxycnida Schulze, 1914, and H. magnipapillata Itô, 1947 (Cnidaria, Hydrozoa). Comparative Cytogenetics 12(4): 538-548.