Intact male meiotic metaphase I plates in Ithomiini (a–c) and Polyommatini (d) butterflies a Forbestra olivencia olivencia (Bates, 1862), n=15 (10 macrobivalents + 5 microbivalents); three metaphase plates on the top are from the side (=equatorial) view; the plate on the bottom is from pole view; meiotic spindle is indicated by arrows b Oleria gunilla serdolis (Haensch, 1909), n=11 c Godyris dircenna (C. Felder et R. Felder, 1865), n=36 dPolyommatus (Agrodiaetus) dagestanicus (Forster, 1960), n=40 (19 macrobivalents + 21 microbivalents) (from Lukhtanov and Dantchenko 2002). Scale bar: 10 μ in all figures.

  Part of: Lukhtanov VA (2019) Two types of highly ordered micro- and macrochromosome arrangement in metaphase plates of butterflies (Lepidoptera). Comparative Cytogenetics 13(1): 19-25.