Idiograms of the four Miscanthus species that display the chromosome measurements, and the position and size of fluorochrome bands and 45 rDNA FISH signals. A, B, C, D indicate M. sinensis, M. floridulus, M. sacchariflorus and M. lutarioriparius, respectively. The ordinate scale on the left indicates the relative length of the chromosomes (i.e.% of haploid complement). The numerical values under each chromosome pair indicate the arm ratios of the respective chromosome pair. The numbers above panel A are chromosome numbers.

  Part of: Tang Y-M, Xiao L, Iqbal Y, Liao J-F, Xiao L-Q, Yi Z-L, She C-W (2019) Molecular cytogenetic characterization and phylogenetic analysis of four Miscanthus species (Poaceae). Comparative Cytogenetics 13(3): 211-230.