Phylogenetic ITS2 tree. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree based on analysis of ribosomal DNA sequences (5.8S-ITS2-28S). Bootstrap percentages refer to maximum likelihood / neighbor-joing / maximum parsimony analysis. Only bootstrap values above 70% are shown. GenBank accession numbers are indicated before species names. Names of the target species are in bold; their hosts are presented in parentheses. Compressed clades: Fasciola (comprised sequences under GenBank accession numbers AM900370, EF534995, EF612486, JF496715), Echinostoma (AF067850, AF067852, AJ564383, AY168930, EPU58100, ETU58097, ELU58099, GQ463131, GQ463132), Hypoderaeum (AJ564385, GQ463134). Dotted rectangles 1 indicate digeneans whose life cycles include Lymnaeoidea as first intermediate host; dotted rectangle 2 indicates digeneans whose life cycles include prosobranch snails as first intermediate hosts.

  Part of: Stanevičiūtė G, Stunžėnas V, Petkevičiūtė R (2015) Phylogenetic relationships of some species of the family Echinostomatidae Odner, 1910 (Trematoda), inferred from nuclear rDNA sequences and karyological analysis. Comparative Cytogenetics 9(2): 257-270.