Phylogenetic 28S tree. Maximum likelihood phylogenetic tree based on analysis of ribosomal 28S gene DNA partial sequences. Bootstrap percentages refer to maximum likelihood / neighbor-joing / maximum parsimony analysis. Only bootstrap values above 70% are shown. GenBank accession numbers are indicated before species names. Names of the target species are in bold.Compressed clade Fasciola comprised sequences under GenBank accession numbers AY222244, EU025871, EU025872, HM004190). Dotted rectangles 1 indicate digeneans whose life cycles include Lymnaeoidea as first intermediate host; dotted rectangle 2 indicates digeneans whose life cycles include prosobranch snails as first intermediate hosts.

  Part of: Stanevičiūtė G, Stunžėnas V, Petkevičiūtė R (2015) Phylogenetic relationships of some species of the family Echinostomatidae Odner, 1910 (Trematoda), inferred from nuclear rDNA sequences and karyological analysis. Comparative Cytogenetics 9(2): 257-270.