Chromosomes of entelegyne spiders from South Africa after FISH with 18S rDNA probe (red signal). Arrows point on bivalents with signals (A, E, G, H, J), certain chromosomes with signals (B, C, F, I, K, L), or certain signals (D) A Argyrodes cf. convivans (Theridiidae), diplotene B Argyrodes cf. convivans, half of metaphase II (without sex chromosomes), note distal (opposite centromere) positions of loci C Olios sp. from South Africa (Sparassidae), metaphase II, one sister cell without sex chromosomes, note distal position of locus D Olios sp. from Namibia (Sparassidae), metaphase II, signals at distal parts of acrocentric chromosomes E Afroceto plana (Trachelidae), diplotene F Zelotes sclateri (Gnaphosidae), mitotic metaphase G Platyoides walteri (Trochanteriidae), diplotene H Cheiramiona kirkspriggsi (Cheiracanthiidae), pachytene, with distal signal on one bivalent I Thyenula haddadi (Salticidae), metaphase II, distal signals on two chromosome pairs J Anyphops sp. (Mossel Bay) (Selenopidae), diplotene K Selenops sp. 1 (Pongola Reserve) (2n♂ = 26) (Selenopidae), metaphase II, two sister cells L Selenops sp. 2 (Selenopidae), half of metaphase II. Arrowheads indicate sex chromosomes, where distinguished. Scale bars: 5 μm.

  Part of: Šťáhlavský F, Forman M, Just P, Denič F, Haddad CR, Opatova V (2020) Cytogenetics of entelegyne spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) from southern Africa. Comparative Cytogenetics 14(1): 107-138.