Chromosomes of Gnaphosidae (A–H), Trachelidae (I–L) and Trochanteriidae (M–P) A diakinesis of Camillina maun (2n♂ = 22, X1X20). Zelotes fuligineus (2n♂ = 22, X1X20) B late mitotic metaphase C diakinesis, X1X2 show positive heteropycnosis. Z. sclateri (2n♂ = 22, X1X20) D mitotic metaphase E pachytene, sex chromosomes pair in parallel on the periphery of nucleus F diakinesis G metaphase II, sex chromosomes are nearly isopycnotic H mitotic metaphase of Zelotes sp. (2n♂ = 22, X1X20). Afroceto plana (2n♂ = 22, X1X20) I mitotic metaphase J pachytene, X1X2 show parallel association K diakinesis L half of metaphase II with sex chromosomes. Platyoides walteri (2n♂ = 22, X1X20) M mitotic metaphase N pachytene, sex chromosome associate by their centromeric regions O diakinesis, with positively heteropycnotic sex chromosomes P half of prometaphase II with sex chromosomes. Arrowheads indicate sex chromosomes. Scale bars: 5 μm.

  Part of: Šťáhlavský F, Forman M, Just P, Denič F, Haddad CR, Opatova V (2020) Cytogenetics of entelegyne spiders (Arachnida, Araneae) from southern Africa. Comparative Cytogenetics 14(1): 107-138.