Meiotic stages of T. cristata grandis. a pachytene with positively heteropycnotic X chromosome b diplotene/diakinesis c two daughter cells at anaphase I with visible X chromosome in one of them d C-banding with pericentromeric and terminal blocks of heterochromatin in most chromosomes and positively heteropycnotic X chromosome e CMA3 staining f DAPI staining. Arrows and arrowheads indicate secondary constrictions and the megameric chromosome respectively. Bar = 10 ┬Ám.

  Part of: Rocha MF, Pine MB, dos Santos Oliveira EFA, Loreto V, Gallo RB, da Silva CRM, de Domenico FC, da Rosa R (2015) Spreading of heterochromatin and karyotype differentiation in two Tropidacris Scudder, 1869 species (Orthoptera, Romaleidae). Comparative Cytogenetics 9(3): 435-450.