Most parsimonious scenarios of the early karyotype evolution within the family Mormyridae including three variants (A–C) of karyotype structure in a hypothetic ancestor (HA) and three studied lineages (the genera Petrocephalus, Stomatorhinus and Mormyrops) with least advanced karyotype structure within the family. The alternative transformations of karyotype structure are joint with a dashed line. The solitary submetacentric pairs in Petrocephalus and Stomatorhinus are suggested to be not syntenic.

  Part of: Simanovsky S, Medvedev D, Tefera F, Golubtsov A (2020) First cytogenetic information for five Nilotic elephantfishes and a problem of ancestral karyotype of the family Mormyridae (Osteoglossiformes). Comparative Cytogenetics 14(3): 387-397.