The FISH images of BAC clone 299N22 (green) hybridized to mid-mitotic chromosomes different Gossypium species, Bar: 5 ┬Ám. A G. hirsutum (A1D1, 2n=4x=52) B G. barbadense (A2D2, 2n=4x=52) C G. tomentosum (A3D3, 2n=4x=52) D G. mustelinum (A4D4, 2n=4x=52) E G. darwinii (A5D5, 2n=4x=52) F G. arboretum (A1, 2n=2x=26); G G. herbaceum (A2, 2n=2x=26) H G. thurberi (D1, 2n=2x=26) I G. raimondii (D5, 2n=2x=26). Red: the signal of chromosome-specific BAC clone for chromosome D113, D513.

  Part of: Cui X, Liu F, Liu Y, Zhou Z, Wang C, Zhao Y, Meng F, Wang X, Cai X, Wang Y, Peng R, Wang K (2016) Screening and chromosome localization of two cotton BAC clones. Comparative Cytogenetics 10(1): 1-15.