MT arrays in the first and second meiosis of 2R(2D)xR hybrids. a, b early prometaphase I c, d metaphase I e–h anaphase I i the late anaphase I j–l telophase I m metaphase II n anaphase II o one–half of meiocytes at metaphase II p one–half of meiocytes at anaphase II. Immunostaining was undertaken with antibodies specific to α–tubulin (green) and CENH3 (red) (a, c–t) and (b) histone phH3Ser10 (red), DNA staining with DAPI (blue). Scale bar: 10 μm.

  Part of: Loginova DB, Zhuravleva AA, Silkova OG (2020) Random chromosome distribution in the first meiosis of F1 disomic substitution line 2R(2D) x rye hybrids (ABDR, 4× = 28) occurs without bipolar spindle assembly. Comparative Cytogenetics 14(4): 453-482.