Distribution patterns of hybridization signals from female and male spinach using 45S rDNA (green) and SP77 (red) as probes A (A’) DAPI B (B’) 45S rDNA (green) as probe C (C’) SP77 (red) as probe D (D’). The merged figure of A (A’), B (B’) and C (C’). Scale bars: 10 μm.

  Part of: Zhou J, Wang S, Yu L, Li N, Li S, Zhang Y, Qin R, Gao W, Deng C (2021) Cloning and physical localization of male-biased repetitive DNA sequences in Spinacia oleracea (Amaranthaceae). Comparative Cytogenetics 15(2): 101-118. https://doi.org/10.3897/CompCytogen.v15.i2.63061