Chromosome III of Prosimulium petrosum. a, b chromosome III of Prosimulium petrosum. Breakpoints of autosomal inversions and location of 2 additional bands (87dp) are indicated by brackets. IIIL-dif is an inversion complex, hypothesized to consist of four inversions. Arrows indicate locations of 90hb and 100dlT c heterozygous band duplication 87dp d heteroband 90hb and heterozygous inversion IIIL-33 e complex set of heterozygous inversions, collectively referred to as IIIL-dif; arrow shows deletion 100dlT in telomere of one homologue. f - heterozygous deletion 100dlT; breakpoints of individual inversions IIIL-34, IIIL-35+IIIL-36+IIIL-37, which comprise complex inversion IIIL-dif, are indicated by brackets; dashed line designates approximate limits of inversions. C: centromere, bl: blister, ca: capsule, s: shield, tr: triad.

  Part of: Vlasov S, Harutyunova M, Harutyunova K, Adler PH (2016) Chromosomal evidence of species status and evolutionary relationships of the black fly Prosimulium petrosum (Diptera, Simuliidae) in Armenia. Comparative Cytogenetics 10(1): 33-44.