Representative adult plants of D. elata (a), D. bonijesu (c) and D. arifolia (e) of the Atlantic Rainforest remnant located in the Castelo city (ES, Brazil). FCM histograms showing G0/G1 peaks generated by nuclei suspensions of S. lycopersicum (internal standard, channel 200, 2C = 2.00 pg), and of D. elata (b channel 349, 2C = 3.49 pg), D. bonijesu (d channel 405, 2C = 4.05 pg) and D. arifolia (f channel 547, 2C = 5.47 pg).

  Part of: Amaral-Silva PM, Clarindo WR, Carrijo TT, Carvalho CR, Pra├ža-Fontes MM (2016) The contribution of cytogenetics and flow cytometry for understanding the karyotype evolution in three Dorstenia (Linnaeus, 1753) species (Moraceae). Comparative Cytogenetics 10(1): 97-108.