Karyotype index of chromosomal similarity (orange) and divergence (blue) regarding the probable basal karyotype for Carangidae studied species. Maps show the magnitude of the geographic distribution of Elagatis bipinnulata, Seriola rivoliana, Gnathanodon speciosus, and Trachinotus carolinus (top to bottom).

  Part of: Soares RX, Motta-Neto CC, Costa GWWF, Cioffi MB, Bertollo LAC, Borges AT, Molina WF (2021) ´╗┐Comparative cytogenetic patterns in Carangidae fishes in association with their distribution range. Comparative Cytogenetics 15(4): 429-445. https://doi.org/10.3897/CompCytogen.v15.i4.69638