Conventional staining with Giemsa in meiotic cells of E. k. koebelei harboring B chromosomes. a zygotene b early pachytene c metaphase I d anaphase I e metaphase II. B chromosomes are associated side by side in initial meiosis (a, b) and by centromere in other cells (c–e). These chromosomes are also segregated to the same pole in d and maintained together in metaphase II (e). X and B chromosomes are indicated. Bar: 5 µm.

  Part of: Anjos A, Loreto V, Cabral-de-Mello DC (2016) Organization of some repetitive DNAs and B chromosomes in the grasshopper Eumastusia koebelei koebelei (Rehn, 1909) (Orthoptera, Acrididae, Leptysminae). Comparative Cytogenetics 10(2): 219-228.