Principal Component Analysis of the main taxa of genus Narcissus in Algeria A overall scatter plot of 186 individuals representative of all the studied species B loading of the 24 quantitative and qualitative morphological and floral traits on the circle of correlations (see Table 3 for abbreviations). The distribution on PC1 and PC2 underlines the grouping of individuals belonging to N. tazetta, N. pachybolbus and N. papyraceus in opposition to N. serotinus sensu lato, N. elegans and N. cantabricus. The main discriminating criteria are relative to the length of the scape (Scl) and size of the bulb (Bl, Bw) as well as the number of flowers per inflorescence (Nf) and especially the height (Ch) and color of the corona (Corcol). This analysis highlights the strong relationships between the serotinus sensu lato type with the elegans type, likewise for N. papyraceus and N. pachybolbus.

  Part of: Boukhebache NC, Amirouche N, Amirouche R (2022) ´╗┐Cytotaxonomic investigations on species of genus Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae) from Algeria. Comparative Cytogenetics 16(1): 55-76.