Principal components analysis focused on populations of Narcissus elegans and N. serotinus sensu lato A scatter plot on the first two PC of individuals of each taxon B loading of the morphological variables on the circle of correlations (see Table 3 for abbreviations). Morphologically N. elegans is well separated from N. serotinus sensu lato, by its synanthous habit (Syn), the number of flowers per scape (Nf), a full section of the scape (SSfill). With respect to PC2, individuals of N. serotinus s.l. are distributed in two opposed groups by the color of the corona. In the negative side individuals with yellow corona (Corcol6) correspond to N. serotinus type. Others individuals with orange corona (Corcol5) belong to N. obsoletus type. N. serotinus s.l.: black circle - St Salsa, white circle - Ahfir, white triangle - Ain Ftouh, gray circle - Boutlélis. N. elegans: gray star - Boutlélis, white square - Ain Tagourait, black triangle - Santa Cruz, black square - Chenoua, black star - St Salsa.

  Part of: Boukhebache NC, Amirouche N, Amirouche R (2022) Cytotaxonomic investigations on species of genus Narcissus (Amaryllidaceae) from Algeria. Comparative Cytogenetics 16(1): 55-76.