Schematic representation of the putative evolutionary lineages for chromosomes carrying 5S and 35S rDNA loci in the Schedonorus-Lolium complex. The numbers of marker and non-marker chromosomes are given inside the boxes. Red and black double circles represent 5S and 35S rDNA loci, respectively. *species in solid boxes were investigated during the present study; †synonym for L. rigidum var. rottbollioides; ††synonym for F. arundinacea subsp. fenas (Lagasca y Segura) Bornmüller, 1928 (Ezquerro-López et al. 2017).

  Part of: Ansari HA, Ellison N, Stewart AV, Williams WM (2022) Distribution patterns of rDNA loci in the Schedonorus-Lolium complex (Poaceae). Comparative Cytogenetics 16(1): 39-54.