Comparative Cytogenetics 3(1): 33-41, doi: 10.3897/compcytogen.v3i1.6
Chromosome numbers in eight species of Palaearctic Psocoptera (Insecta)
N Golub, Seppo Nokkala
Abstract Karyotypes of eight Psocoptera species are reported for the first time. In Valenzuela oyamai (Enderlein, 1906) (Caeciliusidae), Peripsocus golubae Lienhard, 2006 (Peripsocidae), Trichopsocus dalii (McLachlan, 1867) (Trichopsocidae), Hemineura dispar Tetens, 1891 (Elipsocidae), and Amphigerontia contaminata (Stephens, 1836) (Psocidae) 2n = 16 + XX/X0. In Elipsocus moebiusi Tetens, 1891 (Elipsocidae) 2n = 12 + XX/X0. Neopsocopsis hitricornis (Reuter, 1893) (Psocidae) has 2n = 14 + XX/X0, and Kolbia quisquiliarum Bertkau, 1883 (Amphipsocidae) has 2n = 14 + neo-XY/XX. In addition, three seminal follicles per testis have been established in V. oyamai, H. dispar, A. contaminata, and N. hitricornis and one follicle in P. golubae and T. dalii. All the data available on psocopteran karyotypes are tabulated and shortly reviewed.