Comparative Cytogenetics 3(2): 91-96, doi: 10.3897/compcytogen.v3i2.15
Unusual arrangement and behaviour of the sex chromosomes of Aphodius (Agolius) abdominalis Bonelli, 1812, and comparison with A. (A.) bonvouloiri Harold, 1860 (Coleoptera: Aphodiidae)
Robert Angus
Abstract Aphodius abdominalis Bonelli, 1812 is shown to have a karyotype comprising nine pairs of autosomes and sex chromosomes which are X0 (male), XX (female). At first metaphase of meiosis the X chromosome is linked to an autosomal bivalent by a darkly staining area of the cytoplasm, resembling the Xy p arrangement typical of Aphodius species, but giving nine, rather than 10, elements in the nucleus. C-banding, which shows the centromeres, confirms this unusual arrangement. A. bonvouloiri, the only other known species of subgenus Agolius Mulsant et Rey, 1869, has a male karyotype with nine pairs of autosomes and Xy sex chromosomes. No preparations of its meiosis are available.