Comparative Cytogenetics 4(1): 67-71, doi: 10.3897/compcytogen.v4i1.22
Y chromosome peculiarities and chromosomal G- and C-staining in Crocidura shantungensis Miller, 1901 (Soricomorpha: Soricidae)
Irina Kartavtseva, I-S Park
Abstract Cytogenetical examinations of Crocidura shantungensis Miller, 1901 from small Young Island of South Korea and the mainland of Russian Far East (Vladivostok) were carried out and literature data concerning Tsushima Island of Japan and Cheju Island of Korea were considered. The chromosome sets of all investigated specimens are characterized by 2n = 40 and NFa = 46. Four pairs of biarmed autosomes, 15 pairs of acrocentrics and two sex chromosomes were identified applying G- and C-banding. The X chromosome is a large metacentric whereas the Y chromosome is a middle sized acrocentric element. A variation in the Y chromosome size in samples from the three islands is noticeable. Comparative analysis of G-banded chromosomes of C. shantungensis (our material) and C. suaveolens (Pallas, 1811) (literature data) shows a similarity between karyotypes of these two species.