Comparative Cytogenetics 4(2): 123-131, doi: 10.3897/compcytogen.v4i2.46
Boreonectes gen. n., a new genus for the Stictotarsus griseostriatus (De Geer) group of sibling species (Coleoptera: Dytiscidae), with additional karyosystematic data on the group
Robert Angus
Abstract A new genus, Boreonectes gen. n., is erected for the seven S. griseostriatus-group  species  as  well  as eight other American ones listed by Nilsson and Angus (1992) as comprising the Stictotarsus griseostriatus-group as DNA work by Ribera (2003) shows this arrangement to be untenable, and no other genus-group name has been found to be available.
Chromosomal investigations have shown that B. griseostriatus (De Geer, 1774) occurs as far west as the Little St Bernard Pass in the Alps, with B. alpestris (Dutton et Angus, 2007) in the Italian Gran Paradiso National Park to the south of this. B. multilineatus (Falkenström, 1922) is recorded from the Pyrenees for the first time, and B. ibericus (Dutton et Angus, 2007) is shown to be present in the Moyen Atlas of Morocco.