First images of the Myrsine chromosomes. Karyotype of a M. parvifolia individual with 2n = 45 (a) and another with 2n = 46 (b) chromosomes. Note the different levels of chromatin compaction between the chromosomes of the two karyotypes. The distinct chromatin compact level was highlighted in (c), where the same submetacentric chromosome of M. parvifolia (above) and the same acrocentric chromosome of M. coriacea (below) were taken from two different prometaphases (I and II) and one metaphase (III). Bar = 5 ┬Ám.

  Part of: Carvalho R, Amaral-Silva P, Spadeto M, Nunes A, Carrijo T, Carvalho C, Clarindo W (2017) First karyotype description and nuclear 2C value for Myrsine (Primulaceae): comparing three species. Comparative Cytogenetics 11(1): 163-177.