Chromosomal evolution in Apiomerini and Harpactorini. Evolutionary events marked by caps: A fusion of autosomes B fusion of autosomes C fission of autosomes D fusion of autosomes E fission of sex chromosomes F fission of sex chromosomes. Chromosomal formulae represent the diploid number. The tribe Dicrotelini was not included in scheme because only one species has been studied cytogenetically in this tribe.

  Part of: Tiepo AN, Pezenti LF, Lopes TBF, da Silva CRM, Dionisio JF, Fernandes JAM, Da Rosa R (2016) Analysis of the karyotype structure in Ricolla quadrispinosa (Linneus, 1767): inferences about the chromosomal evolution of the tribes of Harpactorinae (Heteroptera, Reduviidae). Comparative Cytogenetics 10(4): 719-729.