NORs bearing chromosome pairs (A–C) and rDNA (D–F), in Oreobates barituensis (A, D), O. berdemenos (B, E) and O. discoidalis (C, F). BT chromosome in O. barituensis showing positive NORs (G), active and inactive rDNA (H), CMA3 (I) and DAPI (J). Two interphase cells with three active NORs after silver staining (K). Black arrows indicate Ag-NORs, white arrows and arrowheads shows positive and negative fluorescent marks, respectively. Bars = 10 µm.

  Part of: Ferro JM, Taffarel A, Cardozo D, Grosso J, Puig MP, Suárez P, Akmentins MS, Baldo D (2016) Cytogenetic characterization and B chromosome diversity in direct-developing frogs of the genus Oreobates (Brachycephaloidea, Craugastoridae). Comparative Cytogenetics 10(1): 141-156.